La Revolution

A Tiny Peek Into French History

The French history is filled with interesting facts and events, and it would take hundreds of blog articles to cover all of that. But that shouldn’t stop us from taking a peek into the French history and mentioning some interesting things.

French history is filled with wars, like any other history of a country that was at the top of the power throughout the European history. A real beginning of the country happened in the middle ages. During those times the area of France was filled with small princedoms. Local princes had more power than a king, who was more of a figure than a real ruler. The first monarch of the France was a Hugh Capet, and his dynasty went on ruling until the 14th century. But during that time a king wasn’t as powerful as some might think.

First, French kind that expanded the influence of the monarchy was Philip II Augustus. He paved the path for more powerful kings that came after him. The Hundred Years’ War was fought between two French Houses (as well as some foreign aid), and the end of the war represented the end of Middle Age France and the beginning of the Early Modern France.

Early Modern France lasted until 1789, and it was marked by two ruling houses, House of Valois and the House of Bourbon. This age in the French History wasn’t peaceful, and the monarchs had a lot of different things on their hands. The church was powerful and around 40 percent of the wealth was in its hands. French Wars of Religion were fought in this era as well.

Most noted ruler of the Early Modern France was Louis the Fourteenth (The Sun King), who ruled from 1643 until 1715. He led the France into numerous victories against the Spain, Dutch Republic, and the Holy Roman Empire. Last war he fought was the War of the Spanish Succession, and it was very bloody war. Several battles his armies fought were Pyrrhic victories, but the war ended, and the France won. He was also a great patron of the arts and he was responsible for the establishment of the French Opera.
The Early Modern France ended with the Revolution, another open part of the French History. This period of the history of the France was particularly bloody, but it was a crossroad in the history that marked the end of monarchy and the rule of the kings.
Unsatisfied with their kind, the French people rebelled, and the Revolution lasted for a very long time, within which many slaughters happened. The execution of the ruling class was also an event within this period as well as the abolition of the feudalism.
The Revolution paved the path for the Napoleon Bonaparte, who transformed the France into the empire. The Napoleon was titled as Emperor, which led to the founding of the First French Empire. Half of the Europe joined together on several occasion to stop Napoleon.

He went on to inflict the greatest defeats to Austrian and Russian military forces until that time.

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